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Travelling to undiscovered galaxies of electronic music

Embark on a sonic journey through the cosmos with Rayradar, a virtuoso of electronic realms. Like a skilled astronomer navigating the celestial expanse, Rayradar deftly crafts beats that orbit in perfect harmony. Their music is a cosmic dance, where pulsating synths are the stars, and basslines are the gravitational forces that pull you into their mesmerizing gravitational field. With each track, Rayradar creates a sonic universe, painting nebulous soundscapes that transport listeners to undiscovered galaxies of rhythm and melody. Prepare to be engulfed in the gravitational pull of their beats, as Rayradar invites you to explore the infinite expanse of electronic possibilities.


Feb 2024Hardgroove
Velocity Vibrance
Feb 2024Progressive House
Push Me Boy
Jan 2024Dark Disco
Noir Disco Chronicles


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